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JT Services

What We Do

At JT we focus on leveraging our international experience and professional background in:

  • From an "idea on a napkin" to a top-class team, running operations, and a stable P&L.

  • Sales, Marketing, and Biz Dev projects. 

  • Part to full time CFO services. 

  • Scout for Israeli innovative start-up companies and technologies


JT Services and Vision

We bring a mixture of combined 70 years of experience in all relevant aspects of running an international successful business. 

Great idea on a napkin...

JT has a proven track record in taking an entrepreneurial idea sketched on a napkin while having coffee, to a practical level and form a running business. We are expert at closing the gap between an entrepreneur sketch and a robust business model. We call this the "JT Rules and Tools" secret. We know how to build this bridge to the future. 

JT -  serial entrepreneurs
Part to Full time CFO services

We are financial management experts!

We are highly experienced in providing all CFO aspects in various engagement levels. We have a successful track record in small and midsize companies: 

  • Implementing the highest level of management standards into place, may it be after the after initial round, Pre- or Post-IPO;

  • Leading all aspects of successful fundraising, M&A, and PMO;

  • Leading a SaaS environment with a ready-made dashboard and methodology;

Scout for Israeli innovation

We are highly experienced executives with a wide and deep acquaintance with the Israeli innovation and startup landscape. We provide and maintain:  

  • Ongoing 360⁰ monitoring of the entire Israeli ecosystem - Start-ups, Investors, Accelerators, and Universities;

  • A deal flow of Israeli investment opportunities based on pre-defined investment criteria;

  • Identify candidates for M&A transactions or strategic partnerships;

  • Scout for Israeli innovative technology based on customer needs;

Turnaround Management 

We are"Special Situation" Professionals! We work with companies in distress, implementing analysis and strategic planning in order to revive the company and bring it back to solvency - if possible.

We will work with the Company's Board of Directors/shareholders and:

  • Define scope,  objectives, and timetable of the turnaround project

  • Perform a "Business Triage"  analysis

  • Prepare and lead a Strategic Restructuring Plan

  • Implement the plan which may include one or more of the following ingredients:

    • Replace management and Revamp Organizational Structure

    • Re-engineer financial structure

    • Reposition company in the market

    • Shut down units and/or abandon markets/product 

"We are committed to delivering high-quality strategic leadership and out-of-the-box turnaround approach to our clients..."  

Practice Areas
  • Information Technology

  • Medical Services

  • Medical Devices

  • Digital Marketing

  • Financial & Professional Services

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