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Management  Team

Since our inception, in 2004, JT has been focused on building new, creative, successful international companies. 




"...We met a long time ago and became teammates during our Engineering studies. It was a hectic period and we developed our friendship during these years... Each of us then developed his individual career path each focusing in a different discipline..." 

Mr. Tamir took his analytical skills, meticulous approach to develop a rich and successful career in Financial and Operation management in the Israeli high-tech industry. Mr. Jakubovitz as a natural Sales and Marketing talent mixed it with his multi-culture approach developed his career in the fast developing telecommunication industry as an international Marketing executive. 

In 2004, we created the JT (Jakubovitz-Tamir) brand, in which we have created a unique synergy and team-work, which enables us to bring our combined skills and experience to manage and enhance various opportunities and operations.  

JT - Management team
Ady Jakubovitz
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Born in Haifa in 1958, married with 2 children. Mr. Jakubovitz holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering and Information Technology from the Technion. In the last 25 years served as an executive and senior business manager in leading Hi-Tech global corporations.

He was HP's country sales manager and served as Executive VP at Matrix a leading software integration house.

Ady has extensive experience in IT solutions for various industries. Ady's main expertise in the last 15 years is in setting up and leading international sales and marketing operations (Both offline & online). Ady had the opportunity to lead and gain experience in more than 15(!) different M&A projects, as well as managing operations in crisis with an urgent need for a turnaround. During 2017-18 Ady led the inception of two innovative startups: 1. a SaaS DTM company. 2. a new homecare medical device. 

Ady completed the Dublin Marathon in 2006 and in 2007 and the Berlin Marathon in 2008. Ady appeared as an actor in the  Locarno film festival winner "Policeman". Ady was the visionary and the leader in the production of the documentary film "Gan Yeladim".(2016).

JT - Management team
Ilan Tamir
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Born in South Africa in 1958, married with 3 children. Mr. Ilan Tamir holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technion and an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University. In the last 25 years, he served in several financial and operational senior positions in Technology companies and as a CFO of a leading venture capital firm (BRM Capital).  

In the last 15 years, Ilan has been focused on setting up and leading finance and operation in international firms. Ilan has dealt successfully with numerous distress and turnaround situations. During 2017-2018 Ilan led the creation and full implementation of a financial monitoring solution in the growing SaaS segment.

Ilan completed the 2007 Dublin marathon and the 2008 Berlin marathon. Ilan holds a skipper license and is an avid hiker. He has recently completed the Israel Trail – a 940 Km trail that goes from the Northern tip of Israel to Israel's most southern point.

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